Here i go again

I come to you Lord a sinner
I kneel before you.
I’m not worthy to stand.
I’ve come to pray again
Hoping you can hear me
I want to be like you Lord.
I want to know you and love you.
Wash your feet with my tears
And dry them with my hair.
I want to be covered in your blood.
Forgive me dear Father
I have told no one about you today.
Give me the words Lord.
Give me words they will hear.
We are lost sheep.
It hurts to watch them go astray.
I’m scared.
Don’t let us burn
Don’t turn us away.
Please Lord.
Fill us with your spirit today.
We aren’t promised tomorrow.
Cleanse me.
I come to you a sinner.

Download – Casting Crowns – Here I Go Again


The lord

I’m priceless.
But you own me.
Will you tame me ?
When i’m hopeless.
Will you stand by me ?

I gave you this gift.
The gift of myself.
Don’t let me go, I will be missed.
Pick me, even over wealth.
Know, I shouldn’t be toyed with.
Fragile heart, every pinch will be felt.

Hear these words.
Listen to my thoughts.
Before you, there were lords.
Whom for me fought.
Be like them, a lord.
Be more, prove your worth.

Own me.
Be mine.
Love me.
Never let go.