Don’t give up. 

You’re free to be the strangest thing in life. 
According to the world’s perception of stranger things. 
The strangest things are often the greatest anyway. 
You’re free. 
To dance under the blue moon. 
To lie on the green grass. 
To stare into the yellow sun. 
To paint the town red. 
To bleed purple. 
To be whatever color you want to be. 
Who decides?
Who decides who you are. 
Who you want to be. 
Who decides what’s normal, or strange?  
They turned deaf ears to the sermon taught on the streets of their “normal” society. 
Never heard of practicing what you preach.
Or is the love so out of their reach? 
Preach love and practice hate, prejudice and segregation. 

They keep telling you what to be. 
These people who aspire to be like you. 
These people who can’t stare in the mirror each morning. 
People who hate who they are. 
They resent your self love. 
They resent your self acceptance. 
They resent you for being at peace with yourself. 
In a world full of white, black and gray. 
They resent your rainbow, that you even dared do be different. 
They resent that you tried to change the world. 
You’ve rejected their labels. 
So they’ve forced one on you; dead. 
So darlings, head home. 
Home to your father. 
Send your love in color from up. 
Send a rainbow so people like you who’ve dared to live may find hope. 
Brighten their way darlings. 
Be their gold at the end of the rainbow. 



These hands protected me, now you hit me with them.
These lips kissed my tears, you hurl bad words now at me.
Your fingers brushed my hair back, now you drag me with them.
Where did i go wrong ?
Why do you hate me so ?
You say it’s the last time and I pray for it to be.
I can’t be mad at you.
My heart won’t let me.
But you hit me again and again.
It hurts. I won’t lie.
But I love you, I love you so much it hurts.
Pain is pleasure.
I will endure,
But for how long ?
These tears keep entering my cuts.
Reminding me of your cruelty.
This pain and pity, it’s like cancer.
Eating away at my soul, killing me.
You killed our baby before she lived
With your fists, your hands.
The hands that held me while we made her.
You killed our future.
This is the last straw.
I’m too weak to fight.
I’m dying slowly, the pain is eating out my heart.
It seizes to pump blood.
The hurt makes me older and frail.
Bright lights have come to guide me home,
Home to our daughter.
I couldn’t take a stand, i’m taking a sit now.
In heaven if God pleases.


Fast cars, wind in my hair,
fast verse, music in my soul,
fast people, pleasure to my mind,
Fast money, lost quicker than it’s made.
The fast life is a bad life, the fast life is a short life.
Who wants a long life ?
Who wants a perfect life ?
Who wants a southern belle’s life ?
What is your life ?
Is your life like my life ?
Is it fast ?

I don’t understand a word of what i’ve just written, it just kept coming.


Outer Wordly Beings

Bad days will come and go, good friends will stay forever.
You’re never alone, God is with you.

He manifests his love through humans called friends.

and for this single reason, I praise His holy name.

Thank you Lord for giving me the friends I have.

Yesterday I felt really bad. I felt evil and unwanted.

But I know i’m not either because God’s light shines through me.

Bankole thanks for the book, it’s helping a lot.

Chris wrote this for me yesterday and I bawled like a big baby.

” Hmph, what is this feeling ?
Heart Racing, arms shaking, shortness of breath,
I can’t see an end to this,
And why can’t I ? She’s too intense.
Visible to the blind, aura so magnificent
Glowing white,
I refuse to believe in outer worldly beings,
She proves their existence..
So modest, heart of gold,
Beauty in simplicity, thoroughly refined,
She’s a fairy, no, better than that…
Distance no barrier, you feel the purest of white,
Kindness, an understatement…
What is left to say? Only so much…
Outer worldly beings, existence proven… ”

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Have a beautiful day all of you,

Say or do something nice to someone today.

© Autora.

Revisiting My Past

If I could rewrite something from my past, they wouldn’t have died.
So young, so full of life, within 2 years, gone, in the blink of an eye, both of them. I don’t know where they are now, I really can’t vouch for anyone.
Once upon a time, I had 2 elder brothers and 2 uncles, now I have 1 each, death happened.
I won’t bore you with the details, I won’t give you gory tales of their deaths but they involved vehicles, both of them were killed by Mack trucks, my uncle and my brother, 11 years and 10 years respectively.
I can’t stand near a truck again, lol, such fear for one so young.
Death you have no heart, you have no sympathy but you don’t scare me, I know where i’m headed to, you’re just a means to a necessary end for me, when it’s time, i’ll welcome you but for now, i’ll stop rewriting my past,
I’ll start writing my future,
You reading this, will you ?

© Ogbogu Chizoba Ogenna