Daddy’s little girl

Ikana, I don’t know you really well but I know your pain, i’ve lost someone who’s like a dad to me, the pain just keeps going round your body. Numbing you, I don’t know.

Early morning drives to school,
Kissing skinned knees and acting tough.
Taking me out for a drive because I look sad.
Icecream on a Sunday afternoon after church.
Surprises out of the blues.
The best gifts.
My 5&6
Less nagging,
Lenient mind.
My first love, my superman, my hero.
My bestfriend, My father.

We’re little girls still,
Why should we suffer like this ?

Daddy’s little girl forever and a day
Please God don’t take my hero away
So lonely, so cold, tired of these songs
Play something else, get out the gongs.
Sing about me, I’m dying of pain.
My heart is breaking, going insane.
I want my daddy back, I want my hero back.
Can you hear me God, have you turned your back ?
Answer me, give me a sign, say something.
Don’t let me go, say something, anything.
I’m a sinner, forgive me, do me this favor.
My world has gone black, give me my colour
My knees are scraped, my hands hurt.
Praying to you God, a miracle have I sought.
Show me you love me, the love I hear about.
Give him back, I want him, I need him. I can’t go without.
I can’t cry, my mind is numb, help me.
My heart’s bleeding, do something, save me.
I can’t go through with this, i’m just a little girl.
Get me out of this dream, i’m just a little girl.
I’m still my daddy’s little girl.
Don’t let my daddy go away.
Please God.

RIP Ikana’s dad.
God knows best.




Yes, I do.

“Everything happens for a reason”

Because Jesus is watching always and he sees, he knows, we were molded in our mums’ wombs for reasons known only to him, he knew us before we were born, he knows our paths, we are hurt sometimes so we can glorify his name when we are uplifted, we are on earth to fulfill his purpose and his alone, thoughts of good and not of evil, if we only follow him and believe in his divine grace, he will lead us to eternal love and glory and peace.

Every flight we miss, or bus that leaves us, or fall we’ve had, all tragedies lead to a greater good which our father in heaven has planned for us, everything happens for a reason.


Here i go again

I come to you Lord a sinner
I kneel before you.
I’m not worthy to stand.
I’ve come to pray again
Hoping you can hear me
I want to be like you Lord.
I want to know you and love you.
Wash your feet with my tears
And dry them with my hair.
I want to be covered in your blood.
Forgive me dear Father
I have told no one about you today.
Give me the words Lord.
Give me words they will hear.
We are lost sheep.
It hurts to watch them go astray.
I’m scared.
Don’t let us burn
Don’t turn us away.
Please Lord.
Fill us with your spirit today.
We aren’t promised tomorrow.
Cleanse me.
I come to you a sinner.

Download – Casting Crowns – Here I Go Again