There’s no hope for me.
Damned to a horrible past and a painful present.
It hurts to go through everyday.
My chest hurts, my eyes are red. 

It hurts to breathe. It hurts to move.
I want to go away. Far away.
From all this. What’s my offense?
Whom did I kill in my past life? 

There’s no love here.
I’ve found it in the strangest places.
I’m numb now. I’m a shell of myself.
You know how it feels to choke back your tears?

No solace. No rest.
Lol. Jesús, where are you ?
Are you with me ?
I’m tired. I’m worn out.

Trying to act tough but I’m just a little girl.
My head hurts. My heart’s heavy.
I just want to lie here and fade away.
Fade away into nothingness.

It’s never going to ok.
But one day it’ll go to the grave.
To never return
But then it’ll be late and so will I.



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