You’re my diamond, can I give you my heart ?
I’m dedicated, like a fan to a club.
You’re my winning card, my ace of spades.
Make my house a home.
Love me ?
I’ll never hit you, i’d only hit that.
These hands are here to protect you.
These shoulders are yours to lean on.
We will argue, we will fight.
Never splitting.
We complement each other, two halves of one.
I dey misbehave, correct me.
We’re in this together, 2 peas in a pod.
Be mine, never leave me.
My woman, my life.
The reason I keep going.
Light when there’s only darkness.
Hope when my door disappears.
An oasis to my thirsty soul.
Let me take care of you,
Watch you grow old and more beautiful.
Be together.
Both of us, forever.



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