Outer Wordly Beings

Bad days will come and go, good friends will stay forever.
You’re never alone, God is with you.

He manifests his love through humans called friends.

and for this single reason, I praise His holy name.

Thank you Lord for giving me the friends I have.

Yesterday I felt really bad. I felt evil and unwanted.

But I know i’m not either because God’s light shines through me.

Bankole thanks for the book, it’s helping a lot.

Chris wrote this for me yesterday and I bawled like a big baby.

” Hmph, what is this feeling ?
Heart Racing, arms shaking, shortness of breath,
I can’t see an end to this,
And why can’t I ? She’s too intense.
Visible to the blind, aura so magnificent
Glowing white,
I refuse to believe in outer worldly beings,
She proves their existence..
So modest, heart of gold,
Beauty in simplicity, thoroughly refined,
She’s a fairy, no, better than that…
Distance no barrier, you feel the purest of white,
Kindness, an understatement…
What is left to say? Only so much…
Outer worldly beings, existence proven… ”

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Have a beautiful day all of you,

Say or do something nice to someone today.

© Autora.


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